This site is kept simple and easy to navigate because it is meant to assist, not confuse. The buttons on the side of each page and across the bottom of each page will take you to the FreeBees you need.† While this site is most useful to seniors in Michigan there are many nationwide services to be found here too. Of course even if youíre not a senior you may find useful money saving tips too, just please share them with a senior you know that may not have seen the site.


 Contact Buzz is information on how to contact us. You can submit free items you want to share with other seniors or simply gives us some feedback on the site.

 New Buzz is the section where time sensitive and new offerings can be found, things like free laundry soap samples for limited time or quantity, youíll want to check here regularly.† Food and toiletries make up the bulk of free product samples.

 Ongoing Buzz is information on those items offered free in an ongoing fashion. Items like free legal services for seniors, free help with taxes or free classified ads.

 Scheduling Buzz will help you with your shopping each week. It will include those stores which offer a senior discount for shopping on certain days.† By utilizing the proper day to purchase vitamins, clothes or even fast food you will stretch your money even further.

 Related Buzz are links to websites that provide valuable information to seniors. While the content on those sites may not always be free the information is and could help you to make a better decision or more informed purchase.

 User Buzz is where you tell us what we can do to make this site better, thereís only a few questions and the feedback will help to make this a great place to be online.

 Government Buzz is where weíll post what is going on in government that could affect your golden years. Weíll try to get answers from those involved and just report the information to you so youíll know what it means.

 Of course your comments and contributions are welcome at the partner to this site,† where a discussion can be held on current topics or anything beneficial to seniors.† This is also where Iíll upload files like printable RX coupons. Itís very easy to use I encourage everyone to check it out and join the conversation. All printable coupons will be saved here to avoid bad links and down websites. Iíll pull them at the expiration date from the group site.

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Youíve worked a long time to reach this point in your life, itís time now for your rewards. This site is devoted to those FreeBees that are truly FREE. We donít sell anything and we arenít supported by anything but the small advertising on this site. We will work to keep everything up to date and complete daily. So visit often and donít miss a single FreeBee.

If you have an offering to contribute that is free for seniors please submit it by email if itís digital or by fax if itís in print. Please visit our contact link for all the information. Merchants are encouraged to forward any discounts they want included on this site, the ad space is free when you offer seniors a discount or special event/day.

If youíre looking for something specific try the search box on any page. It will check the entire site.



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Want to see how internet phones work? Wondering if you can access your printer while you surf the net on your deck? Want to understand all the free offerings on SeniorFreeBees? Call or email Mike for information. Check here for some of the basics. Email for a list of currently scheduled presentations.

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Operation: Quiet Comfort was created to provide ongoing support by supplying care and comfort items for wounded troops and their caregivers.  We are a grassroots organization, with members all across America who make Four Freedoms Gratitude Quilts, Go-Bags, and other items that are requested by those we serve. We also, provide support in various ways and in various locations on the Homefront. We have many ways for our volunteers to help - and we welcome new members to keep this work going.†

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People with love-life problems who would like to anonymously consult for free with verifiable psychologists online should visit the Love-Life Workshops website at This website is the first and only online psycho-educational service focused exclusively on love-life issues.


As an introductory offer the Love-Life Workshops website is offering Free Memberships and Free Love-Life Consultations with our psychologists on the Support Forum of our message boards. To take advantage of this free membership offer; at signup apply the coupon code ĎPress1íon their payment page, then choose a Gold or Silver membership.


The Love-Life Workshops website employs 59 licensed psychologists (photos and profiles on their website) conducting more than 100 ninety minute chat-room workshops per week, on a range of over 50 love-life topics like successful dating, improving a marriage, coping with divorce, and more. This online psychological service is professional, very affordable, always anonymous, and devoted to working with personal love-life concerns. Access to love-life oriented public and private chat-rooms and message boards are included in the services available to its members.

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