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Class Action Settlement Site for Credit Card† Overcharges on Foreign Transactions

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Michigan Medicaid Estate Recovery Program

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The United States Post Office has made it easier to ship from home. There is a selection of shipping supplies that are free and can be ordered on the website. Save the drive to the Post Office and prepare your shipments at home for your carrier. Review the policies on shipping, some require that you personally hand the carrier the package based on weight and class of shipment.

Postal Service

Government and Private Class Action Drug Suits and Information

Many drugs are pulled from the market everyday by the government. Check some of these sites to see if anything you may be taking could have side effects or other issues you should know about. Those like Zetia have resulted in lawsuits. The FDA has a list of foods and drugs that have alerts about the safety of their use. A private site listing only drugs that are recalled has been started as well. Check what you are taking before you ask your doctor to treat symptoms that could be from another medication.

Holocaust Survivors Funds

A good site to start and get an explanation is at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. There are numerous articles on all of the various suits and funds being dispersed to heirs.† If you think you may due any of this recovered money a letter sent to one of the more trusted organizations could answer your questions.

If you purchased a diamond between January 1994 and March 2006 you are due a refund. Check the class action site for claim form and details. Any jewelry containing diamonds will qualify so try and remember all the gifts you purchased too.

Free Job Training for Age 55+ Workers

This site describes the income rules and other facts used to decide if you can get additional help with prescription drug costs. The Health Assistance Partnership has written an easy to understand document on getting help.

Extra Help for Medicare D Recipients for RXís

Public Transportation Locating Sites

Bed Bath and Beyond mislead consumers on thread count and quality of products.† The class action settlement site has a claim form to fill out. You can return the products or get a gift card for future purchases.

State of Michigan Clearinghouse Site of Services for Seniors

Links to all provided senior services provided by legislation and government in Michigan. I youíre unsure where or how to pursue a service, contact your county senior services department with the name of the program, theyíll know who administers it.

Online Payment Calculator and Information for the Stimulus Rebate,,id=180247,00.html

Check out the calculator on the page so that you can see how much you should be getting back. You'll need your 2007 tax information in front of you when you use it.

Stimulus Package Rebate This could affect many seniors who may need long term care at some point in their lives. Post a comment to your government at the bottom of the page. Iíve emailed many senators who voted no on this to get some specifics, Iíll post here and in the group† if any answer.

Updated 11/17/07: I posted a letter from John Pappageorge regarding this legislation on the group site. He has also forwarded a packet diagramming his ideas for fixing the problem. Publicly I would like to thank him for his attention to the seniors that frequent this site.

Thereís a lot of good information here for making the decision on which program to use. They have done an excellent job of gathering all the information in one place. Good solid explanation of the program

If you have traveled out of the country to Canada, Mexico or anywhere you are not charged in U.S. Dollars and used a credit card while there you are due a refund of the fees charged.

Choose the type of refund you are due based on the number of nights you were out of the country between 1996 and 2006. If you prefer to fill it out off line, print and mail your form to the law offices handling this case.

A program funded by federal grants and administered by AARP trains older workers free. Learn new skills and re-enter the workforce. Check out all the details at the AARP website. They have placement assistance available too. allows you to search your area and locate transportation.

United We Ride has sources of transportation for everyone, but especially seniors and disabled.

AARP State by State Guide to public transportation

Senior Transportation Directory by Easter Seals National Center on Senior Transportation.

Senior Directory, Transportation search tool