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Free Weatherization: Macomb County Home Preservation / Energy Group performs the installation of energy efficient measures to preserve Macomb County homes and neighborhoods. Weatherization improvements save an average of 30 percent on heat/utility bills. Energy saving services may include combustion appliance testing, installing ceiling insulation/ventilation, sidewall and floor insulation, caulking, window repair and/or infiltration/exfiltration air sealing.

Federal Citizen Information Center of the U.S. General Services Administration

 Services are free to those who qualify.

Senior Free Bee, helping seniors save money

Free Consumer Publications from the federal Government, too many topics to list. Look at this one on if your medicine isn’t covered by Medicare.

Sweet deals for seniors

Free Subscription to Voice of the Diabetic Magazine Quarterly magazine about diabetes, subscribe for yourself or someone that would appreciate it.


Free Website Yahoo offers free websites, if you just want to build a site for the family for sharing photos and other things this is great. It’s a Geocities address for the free site, they charge for sites with a unique address, but even that is very reasonable.

Here’s a couple more to compare,, Tripod,, Angelfire,, Bravenet seems to offer a larger amount of space than most, if you need to share a lot of photos might be a god option ,, states it is “ad free” a very nice feature.

Free Discount Prescription card from NDHS; provides savings of up to 20% off brands and up to 40% off generic medications.  This discount prescription card can be used by those who do not have any prescription program or those who reach their Medicare maximum like the “doughnut hole” found in the Medicare Part D prescription program. To sign up FREE, visit: Questions about this program? Contact April Shaw by email, 

She has placed an informational link about Medicare’s doughnut hole

right on the front page of this program, definitely worth a read. Thanks April!

Free driver safety program courses for seniors from AARP. Upon completion some insurance companies will lower your rates. The Center for Continuing Education at Macomb College has a course (SNRS-8003) coming up in May 2008, only pay $10 book fee, take a friend and share the cost of the book! 586-498-4000 or look at AARP link for a class in your neighborhood.

Free Copy of Diabetes Digest One issue but still a great free item.

Create a free printable medical emergency wallet card here.

Locate a free or low cost flu shot here by zip code and/or date.

Free book “Navigating Your Health Benefits For Dummies”, offered by Aetna and the Financial Planning Association. These books are always very well written and easy reads. 

Free Ascensia Contour Glucometer from Bayer, Even if you already have a meter, this would be a good extra one for travel.

Free 911 cell phones, most all communities have them, I’ve listed a number of those here. This is a cell phone that can dial 911 it is at no cost to you either up front or monthly. It could be the best free item you get for yourself.  In Northville, MI , Macomb CountyOakland County, Wayne County and most Senior Centers have the information on this program.




Free Income Tax Preparation There are a number of sources for free tax preparation based on age or income. You should be able to locate someone very near you to have your taxes prepared for you or an online source from the IRS to do it yourself.





Washtenaw Community College offers free courses to seniors 65 and older.

Three free courses at Bay Mill Community College, online. If you have decided to attend college but don’t know where to start this could be the place. Look at the site and decide if this is something that could interest you.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Weatherization Assistance Program reduces energy costs for low-income households by increasing the energy efficiency of their homes while ensuring their health and safety.

The Michigan Energy Assistance Directory, developed by the Coalition to Keep Michigan Warm, provides information on private and public programs that offer energy assistance, and a county by county listing of utilities, programs and resources available.

Free Nova Max Glucometer when your doctor writes a prescription for a glucometer, never hurts to have an extra meter.

Marygrove College, Senior Citizen Grant, right at the bottom of the page. Senior citizens (aged 65 or older) are eligible for a 50 percent reduction in tuition costs for undergraduate and graduate courses. When applying for senior citizen grants, students should be prepared to present proof of age. The grant does not apply to courses taken at Consortium institutions and can be applied only to tuition. 

Wayne State University offers students 60 years of age or older on the first day of classes for the term a 75% reduction of regular tuition rate.

Persons 62 of age or older can attend the University of Michigan-Flint for 50% tuition cost, fees excluded.  Students who meet this criteria are responsible for letting Student Accounts know that they are utilizing this opportunity.

Free fitness DVD for survivors of a heart attack. Contains activities appropriate for this group to help prevent future heart attacks.

Free eye exams and eyeglasses for low income people. National program with quite a few outlets to locate services. New Eyes for the Needy.

Free pedometer and exercise DVD from Tylenol. Just join the “Keep Moving” program and you’ll get an email letting you know about your gifts.

GlaxoSmithKline Access Program for free medicine. This program is for seniors enrolled in Medicare part D who have spent $600 on medicine in a year. They will provide medications free based on income. Easy site and application process.

Free fresh vegetables from farmers markets for seniors. Look up Michigan and send an email for details.

The benefits of age can be found daily right here

Text Box: SeniorFreeBees

Ongoing Buzz

Free advertising at Craigslist, post ads for free but even better check the “Free” category to locate something you need for free. This is a great site to find someone to clean out behind the garage for free, just post an ad “free scrap metal” or  “free whatever is back there”, someone with a truck will pick up for free!  Always use caution when inviting a stranger to your home just like you would with any classified ad.


Free dial up internet access can be found at , if you only surf occasionally and need email this is a real money saver. Michigan only but many other areas have similar services.

Free legal service for certain items is a common benefit not advertised to seniors. This is a big cost saver and should be utilized whenever you have questions on a contract or legal document you must sign.

Macomb County, MI:

Look up for other legal assistance by area and issue:

Free credit reports can be a very useful tool for seniors who suspect identity theft or other misuse of their good name and character. The FTC has an overall explanation here:

You can do this online or in writing depending on your preference.


To make a request for your report go to this site:


Free Diabetes DVD from Lilly Diabetes, “Small Steps to Help Manage Your Diabetes”.

Free American Heart Association Cookbook from Crestor. Low fat and low cholesterol recipes.

Prescription drug price look up tool. Find prices for prescription drugs in Michigan and in other states too. Most pharmacies will meet pricing of others, save gas make your neighborhood pharmacy match the best price. Check the discounted drug section too, it has a long list of very inexpensive drugs and where to get them. For online pharmacies check this site.

Free Breeze 2 Glucometer from Bayer. Free case for meter from Bayer.

Free Magazines some require questionnaires some don’t but great price.

Toll Free numbers for health information An extensive list of topics, all are free to call. Health, education and support listings for many, many topics.

Free Accu-Check Meter An 800 number to call, then a coupon for pharmacy.

Assistance programs for medicine and medical supplies clearinghouse site.

One dollar rides for seniors, door to door in many areas. Smart Bus Community. If you can give 48 hours notice this is great.

Free Lifetime National Parks Pass for the disabled. The pass will admit the holder and those in a passenger vehicle with them into our National Parks.

Free One Touch Ultra Mini Glucometer. Nice and small for portability.

Free Sharps container from Eliven for syringe and lancet disposal.

Free FreeStyle Glucometer from Abbott Labs.

Vonage $24.99 a month and 1 month free 120x90
Plan a Trip with Friends

Free infusion sets (2)for Accu-Check Insulin Pump users.

National program that provides low cost or free spay/neuter for cats, listed by state. Some programs work only with pets of people with low incomes. Some do not consider income but serve only pet cats -- or only feral (untame) cats. But other programs serve all kinds of people and cats.

Request a free will planning guide from the American Cancer Society 

Southwestern Michigan College offers free tuition for eligible senior citizens. It will pay for any semester-length credit-bearing course or credit-bearing short course by a scholarship grant provided by the SMC Board of Trustees. Scroll down to the heading Tuition Assistance for Senior Citizens.

From Northern Michigan University Admissions:  "Senior citizen applicants, aged 62 or older, are provided a full tuition scholarship by Northern Michigan University.  The scholarship covers tuition only; it does not provide for books, or other fees.  To be eligible for this program, the senior citizen should submit an Application for Admissions (no application fee) to the Admissions Office.  Students should then register for courses in the Student Service Center, where they will be asked to provide proof of age." They have a ton of online programs so you don’t even have to leave home to learn something. Check out the online offerings.

Free Ostomy supplies, simple form to fill out. Free sample here. Free supplies for the uninsured at this site. This charity provides supplies free of charge as well.